Title: Anaglyph Digital Imaging

Date: 21 July 2008

Anaglyph Digital Imaging

Anaglyph Digital Imaging can be used for a wide range of subjects from microscopic
to life size applications and the present availability of free composition software now
allows this technique to be even more widely used by any one with access to a
personal computer and a simple red/green viewer

In microscopic imaging there is a unique specimen handling stage available from
Cambridge Technology Systems, which, together with a suitable precision mounted
camera, make this technique readily available for detailed inspection and other
purposes. In macroscopic imaging a further large subject rotation table is also
available which can be used for museum artifacts, providing the additional option
for stereoscopic information to be recorded with any single plane of interest

Details of the free software download and advice on any potential subject may be
obtained from Cambridge Technology Systems by phone on
01223 892020 UK or by email to camtecuk@hotmail.com