Title: Digital Camera Microscope

Date: 13 June 2007

Digital Camera Microscope

The Mobile Digital Camera Microscope is made possible by a
special combination of professional quality lenses interfaced to
a compatible high performance digital camera, for example, the
well proven Nikon 4500, though later units may be used if they
fulfil the technical performance criteria involved

The Varifocal objective lens provides up to 40x magnification
at 2cm working distance with an exceptional 1cm field depth
making it ideal for a wide range of applications from forensic
work to entomology studies. Further, the wide angle objective
lens means that large areas can be viewed and recorded at very
much smaller ranges than can be found in conventional systems

Various advantages with this approach include, mains free
operation, microscopic autofocus, excellent resolution of images
recorded in digital form, video monitor output and a complete
range of viewing angles by standard mini-tripod

Digital Camera Microscopes are configured by Cambridge
Technology Systems – email camtecuk@hotmail.com