Title: Digital Microscopy Websites

Date: 02 June 2010

Digital Microscopy Websites

All Cambridge Technology Systems clients have the option to use dedicated professional
level image archives within the growing number of facilities available within this specialised website. These archives may be upgraded to individual websites to fulfill their user’s particular requirements at any time. Further, these facilities can be of password access if of a confidential nature and are provided free until they are separated into the user’s care and responsibility

In order to significantly extend the capability of these archives generally a powerful imaging program is provided free which is able to both list images within subjects and also to readily examine surfaces in selected areas and magnification for the first time. A particularly useful routine is that of full frame scrolling of selected fields of view

Initial enquiries can include the trial examination of virtually any subject together with the
use of a secure image archive so that a full appreciation of the technique can be gained

Please call Cambridge Technology Systems – 01223 892020 UK or alternatively email to –