Title: Digital Stereo Imaging

Date: 07 May 2010

Digital Stereo Imaging

Recent innovation in computer monitor design allows three dimensional images of a wide
range range of subjects in professional applications to be presented at high resolution in
full colour

The technique involves the utilisation of passive polarised glasses so that simultaneous
interlaced images can be viewed in a highly dynamic way. Dedicated software is used to
realise the full potential of this new approach and may also be used to zoom and scroll
surfaces in the usual way, but with the addition of the third dimension. Unlike other
techniques it is a simple matter to switch the high performance monitor to normal mode
for conventional use, thus adding value to any system of choice

Particular areas of interest include –

Medicine            Astronomy
Archaeology      Forensics
Engineering      Geology
Architecture      Microscopy

Support for applications includes the examination of surfaces and objects of interest
on request in order to produce high resolution stereoscopic images. Enquiries may be
discussed with Cambridge Technology Systems by phone – 01223 892020 or by
email – camtecuk@hotmail.com