Title: Digital Zoom Microscope

Date: 10 May 2012

Digital Zoom Microscope

The new TriScope200 instrumentation incorporates a professional level
H D VideoUSB Camera with 2-200x Zoom Lens mounted on a variable tripod
Industrial type support arms are also available for demanding applications
The basic configuration may be viewed at the following website –

Cambridge Technology Systems – www.camtecsystems.com

Various specimen stages are available including the StereoStage75 unit
which provides the option of accurately calibrated stereoscopic imaging
The system may be optimised by adding an HD/3D/2D monitor together
with free viewing software for full surface appreciation. Basic X Y
calibrated specimen stages are also available where single plane shift
and dimensional measurememnts may be required

Enquiries or information requests can be made for email response to

camtec@archivelabs.co.uk or by phone to 01223 892020 UK