Title: Electronics Imaging Inspection

Date: 28 April 2009

Electronics Imaging Inspection

A unique modular system for the visualisation and inspection of any electronics assembly or device has been introduced by Cambridge Technology Systems. By selecting a precision lens from the wide range available subjects as large as heavy duty transformers and as small as micro-electronics devices only a few millimetres in size can be visualised and recorded for later reference and comparison. A range of specimen handling tables and stages is also available, together with computer control for mosaic imaging where appropriate

With an entry cost of some £990 which covers life size to 20x close up magnification the viability of such instrumentation easily becomes apparent. The basic system performance can be extended at any time to include very high performance objectives up to 2,000x magnification together with full digital recording and precision XY measurement

Cambridge Technology Systems email – camtecuk@hotmail.com