Title: Faster Mosaic Imaging

Date: 09 March 2009

Faster Mosaic Imaging

Innovative software now enables entire surfaces to be scannned at camera
frame rates to produce high quality mosaics even faster for examination at the
best microscope resolution available

For example, collecting 340 images with a digital camera resolution of 1392
x 1040 pixels, producing a final image of 23,596 x 20,720 pixels can be achieved
in 42 seconds. This capability is readily available for an entire range of subjects
from rapid slide scanning to integrated circuit examination. Part of the innovation
that enables these extraordinary speeds to be achieved is the technique of
predictive focus where the surface is maintained at a constant distance from
the microscope objective lens. This facility is integrated into all high speed
mosaic imaging systems

Further details about Faster Mosaic Imaging can be obtained from
Cambridge Technology Systems by phone – 01223 892020 UK or
email – camtecuk@hotmail.com