Title: Forensic Diagnostic Imaging

Date: 20 February 2008

Forensic Diagnostic Imaging

Forensic Diagnostic Imaging can be applied to a wide range of applications from archaeological studies to the examination of micro-fossils and forged bank notes. While modern digital cameras can incorporate large pixel density sensors, even their
performance level can be extended with the use of precision lenses, professional lighting and mosaic techniques to produce100 million pixel images containing considerable amounts of detail not visible by alternative techniques

The presentation of this information is equally important and this is most impressive when a special configuration of a high resolution graphics card and matching performance wide screenmonitor are used together. Please refer to our previous article on twindows imaging or dual screen presentation for more details

Cambridge Technology Systems not only configure cameras, lenses and imaging software to fulfil particular requirements but also offers a specialised professional level on site service in micro-precision digital/photographic techniques to record
the maximum possible level of information available

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