Title: Histology Specimen Imaging

Date: 18 May 2009

Histology Specimen Imaging

The automation of whole histology slide microscopic examination by producing high
quality mosaics at best resolution available is now possible at faster scan rates through
innovative software which includes the novel technique of predictive focus

This software supports all microscopy imaging methods including fluorescence and
scans can be performed at any chosen objective magnification. As an example, a scan
of an entire cover slip with a 10x objective will require the capture of some 600
individual camera frames and will generate a final image of 750 megapixels in 90
seconds. This fast scanning technology adds a new dimension to microscopy, allowing
the user to relate the full resolution detail within the specimen to the overall structure
in a way that aids understanding, analysis and diagnosis

Further details about Histology Specimen Imaging can be obtained from
Cambridge Technology Systems by phone – 01223 892020 UK or by
email – camtecuk@hotmail.com