Title: ImageScan Microscopy Software

Date: 17 November 2010

ImageScan Microscopy Software

All Cambridge Technology Systems instrumentation is supplied with free imaging
software to facilitate full frame movement and virtual magnification changes together
with direct archiving reference to Microsoft operating systems, and to that of any
existing software which may already be in use

ImagScan software is particularly useful for the examination of high resolution digital
images obtained from any source and which are becoming increasingly common with the
availability of high performance cameras and lenses. While all the various functions are
too numerous to describe in a short technical note, ImageScan can be provided as a free
download on request so that it’s numerous functions can be assessed for particular
applications from micro-imaging to astronomy

Further details about ImageScan MicroImaging Software can be obtained from
Cambridge Technology Systems by phone – 01223 892020 UK or by email to –