Title: Materials Microscope

Date: 07 September 2007

Materials Microscope

The CTX101 microscope from Cambridge Technology provides
a low cost platform which can be extended to full automation of
large area traverses if required, together with vertical fields
integration for the examination of topographical information

A large sweep manual stage covering areas of up to 480x460mm
and trinocular head together with five plan achromat objective
lenses are provided as standard. Reflection illumination via an
inbuilt polariser and optical/camera option viewing is included
These microscopes can be upgraded at any time to include more
levels of automation of all the usual functions to the very high
level of 0.1 micron precision, including measurement functions
in all three surface planes

There is also an extensive range of firewire cameras available
for precise matching of applications envisaged, particularly if
mosaic automation techniques are to be employed. Any prepared
samples are welcomed at our demonstration facility where
confidential digital images can be provided for prospective

Material Microscopes are configured by Cambridge Technology
Systems and further details may be obtained by phone on –
01223 892020 UK of email – camtecuk@hotmail.com