Title: Microscope Automation Systems

Date: 17 June 2009

Microscope Automation Systems

Any compound optical microscope can be computer controlled
to provide extended sample scanning where large traverse high
resolution digital imaging may be required, by the application of
mosaic automation systems to a location accuracy of 0.1microns.
Dynamic auto-sensing of focus and correction is also provided
for optimum results. Also newly available is focus stack sweep
integration and multiple point time lapse imaging

Applications for these techniques include micro-engineering,
histology, fluidics, micro-geology & semiconductor diagnostics.
Trial samples are welcomed at the applications laboratory of
Cambridge Technology Systems where confidential results can
be provided without charge together with system engineering
advice if required. Hardware and software extensions to existing
microscopes are available or alternatively complete systems
incorporating a new microscope of the user’s choice

Please contact Cambridge Technology Systems email on