Title: Optical Digital Viewer

Date: 15 March 2013

Optical Digital Viewer

Based on a specially selected camcorder capable of recording high
resolution still images up to 4608 x 3456 resolution and displaying on
a conventional high resolution monitor, the new Optical Digital Viewer
by Cambridge Technology Systems, represents for the first time a
unique combination of facilities for any imaging requirement

Combining an inbuilt close up function with optional magnification
lenses provides a huge range of performance not possible by other
means at such low cost. Performance can be further extended into
stereoscopic recording and viewing with a professional level high
definition 2D/3D monitor. Basic performance detail of the camcorder
is as follows –

1080p Digital HD Camcorder
10x Optical Zoom Range
1cm to Infinity Focus Range
USB Computer Interface
Inbuilt Digital Memory
32Gb External Card Option

Please note this specification may be changed to accommodate newer
higher performance systems

Digital Instruments summary is listed at – www.camtecsystems.com

Enquiries about this instrumentation may be made by phone to –
01223 892020 UK or email – camtec@archivelabs.co.uk