Title: QICAM 1394 FireWire Cameras

Date: 28 May 2008

QICAM 1394 FireWire Cameras

High performance 1394 FireWire Cameras are well suited to demanding applications
where extreme reliability and precision are required over extended periods, for
example, in microscope automation systems, where these parameters are important
or even critical to the success of the systems performance, particularly where every
scan must be retained

Our experience indicates that a camera of this type selected from the Q Imaging
range of units designated QICAM, will invariably meet the most demanding criteria
of both individual users and systems integrators alike. FireWire cameras also have
two significant practical advantages in that no separate interface capture card or
external power supply is required

Cambridge Technology Systems can provide advice about the suitability of various
cameras for particular applications and also information concerning the integration of
units into larger systems, particularly mosaic imaging, or microscope automation

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