Title: Scanning Optical Microscopes

Date: 03 December 2009

Scanning Optical Microscopes

Recent specimen stage innovation has made available higher
performance and lower cost scanning optical microscope systems
to extend both field of view and depth of focus by advanced
computer control of X Y and Z axes

ScanDrive Microscope Stages may be fitted to existing microscopes
and also integrated within complete new systems including selected
digital cameras and mosaic scanning software. These new stages are
initially intended for glass slide imaging and are both physically
smaller and faster in operation due to non-contact linear shaft technology
An extensive control software library is also available for use with
specialised applications. Any other potential application will be
considered for possibe use on request

Potential users are invited to provide prepared slide samples for
confidential test results which will be returned with digital images
and supporting information when completed

Further details about Scanning Optical Microscopes can be obtained
from Cambridge Technology Systems by phone – 01223 892020 UK
or email – camtecuk@hotmail.com