Title: Scanning Electron Microscopes

Date: 08 November 2007

Scanning Electron Microscopes

With the introduction of the first commercial scanning electron
microscope in Cambridge more than thirty years ago & the later
facility of energy dispersive analysis, what was to become one
of the most successful micro-analytical systems for science and
industry ever appeared

Costs have risen considerably since that time but by the careful
selection of second user systems, chosen for their reliability and
future life expectation, Cambridge Technology Systems is able
to offer many machines at a fraction of present prices for similar
specifications. Engineer installation, on site warranty and later
service contracts are also available

Specifications and prices of units currently available may be
obtained on request, and advice about matching instruments to
particular applications is provided as part of the service
Demonstrations may also be arranged by contacting by email
camtecuk@hotmail.com or phone 01223 892020 UK