Title: Trace Element Detection

Date: 04 May 2007

Trace Element Detection

A one hundred times increase in energy dispersive spectrometer
analysis sensitivity can be achieved by combining this technique
with that of xray fluorescence generation in the scanning electron
microscope, providing a relatively low cost means of obtaining
this facility

Selected pure thin metal foils placed under the electron beam
by a precision collimated holder assembly produce an xrf flux
which in turn generates a complementary source of xrays in the
sample which are detected and analysed in the conventional way
by the Si(Li)/E D S Detector/Analyser

A detailed technical description of this technique is available
on request from Cambridge Technology Systems and the Trace
Element Detection Unit may be fitted to scanning microscopes
with suitable chamber/stage geometery for less than £5,000
Phone 01223 892020 UK email – camtecuk@hotmail.com