Title: Twindows Imaging

Date: 26 January 2009

Twindows Imaging

All imaging systems have the option to be configured for dual
image presentation making it more convenient for microscopists
to examine specimens and to realise greater flexibility in micro
imaging work and applications

Consideration of dual image presentation is best given when a
new system specification is being established as the choice of
camera may well be influenced as not all units incorporate twin
signal outputs, for example, a video camera with two separate
outputs can be set up to display a real time image on a monitor
while at the same time being connected to a digital recorder.
After images have been recorded a useful feature within usual
software is extended desktop which means that reference images
can be displayed on one monitor while sample or data searching
can be carried out on another, at the same time. Most Notebook
computers incorporate this feature and with the addition of a low
cost dual graphics card, Desktop computers can be upgraded
for this function

All Cambridge Technology Systems clients are advised of the
various options available to them when a new system is under
consideration as a low cost extension may well prove to be
very useful in operation. Contact – camtecuk@hotmail.com